The Game Changer for Education and Learning!

Everybody is looking for this elusive one. Education is a game changer for any person wanting more, wanting better and making progress, however this key need (not want anymore) is inaccessible to many. The world therefore demands a game changer for Education and Learning. Could the answer be in re-inventing learning design?

Andrew Feenberg writes about his last university presidents’ speech: “If you went to a Johns Hopkins class circa 1900, and you went today, probably the only difference would be today we have PowerPoint. It would look exactly the same. If you went into an automobile plant in 1900 and today, you wouldn’t recognize that you were in the same place. Almost every other aspect of society has employed technology to reduce the labor content needed to produce a unit of service. The labor content of a car is dramatically lower today than it was 50 years ago or 100 years ago….At some point higher education is going to price itself out of the market….[unless] you figure out how to deliver the educational content in a different way…. One thing about education and information is it costs a lot to develop and deliver the first copy of it, but subsequent copies are less expensive. So you can distribute the same material to different audiences. You can develop a course in Shakespeare for undergraduates, which is delivered in a low student-to-faculty ratio with all the interaction you want. But you could then develop the same course to give to larger audiences for an evening course.” (Source: )

A Learning Design is defined as “the educational process, not just courseware but the whole teaching/learning experience. It’s a more or less formal description of a pedagogical scenario (also called educational script or storyboard) and that may or may not follow an instructional design model. (Source:

Could learning design open up the blockage that has held back open and online learning? Could it be a game changer for education? What do you think will be the game changer that everyone is looking for?



Author: Shifting Sands of Learning

Lecturer, Teacher, Human Resource developer

2 thoughts on “The Game Changer for Education and Learning!”

  1. That was a good comparison you’ve found in Feenberg. Says a lot about how far from the reality the students will encounter after graduation (some) educational institutions can be, and how “old fashioned” and stuck we can be as teachers. Do you think the ONL will help you develop your teaching away from the traditional teaching, and if so, in what way?

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    1. I think all teachers need to take action and heed the call – move away from the conventional, the comfortable and the tried and tested. This ONL course has certainly got me into the mode of questioning my current practice. The flipped classroom is one approach I must try and I will adopt the tools we have used to get students to create content and presentations.


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