OER – To Share or Not to Share!


In many surveys and research on the topic, the results show conclusively that people like to and do share educational resources, in the main. So why is there no massive amounts of sharing online? The answer could be found in the field of perceptions and attitudes versus knowledge, skills and behavior. Many people have a good perception and positive attitudes towards sharing, because of the perceived benefits. However, we know that what people say is not what they do. Smoking is a good example. People do not show good behavior in sharing and many lack the knowledge and/ or skills in sharing digitally. This is the disconnect between the positive perception and attitude but a lack of sharing behavior or know-how.

Author: Shifting Sands of Learning

Lecturer, Teacher, Human Resource developer

5 thoughts on “OER – To Share or Not to Share!”

  1. I totally agree that there is a mismatch between what some people say and what they do. I also think that there is a fundamental mismatch between the way our education systems are structured (around tests, individualised work, focus on transmission and content) and what we know to be good educational practice. It is only through ongoing discussions like this and courses which build awareness such as ONL161 that we can begin to make a change!

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    1. Thanks Kay for your feedback. We have had many experiences were for example teaching is changed and digitised but assessments still remain “old style”. This spells disaster for the student and teacher and the effort is abandoned in frustration and disappointment. When we change in education, we need to change many thinks as you have mentioned.

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