Is flexible learning something new? If flexible learning refers to changing the time, space, place, medium and audience, my view is “we have been having this for decades”. I remember my school and college days, when my educators tried to make us learn via movies, field trips (excursions), OHP transparencies, team-work, etc. My history teacher used a reel projector and showed us black and white movies. However, these endeavors were hard-work, costly, time consuming and requiring much planning.

Flexible learning today normally refers to changing time, space, place and audience using digital and web means. This changes the dynamics of the work, costs, deployment, sharing, access and time utilized is drastically changed and reduced (work, time, costs) or increased (sharing, access, audience). Thus, online learning and digital tools has repackaged flexible learning into a user-friendly format. This plants the seeds for the “uberization” of education.

I invite you to share your views on Flex-o-learn.


Author: Shifting Sands of Learning

Lecturer, Teacher, Human Resource developer

3 thoughts on “Flex-O-Learn”

  1. Love the idea of ‘flex-o-learn’! You are correct that technology has made many aspects of flexibility easier, however with more potential for flexibility also comes greater choice and the possibility of more work for the teacher, as the students have a greater expectation of their wide ranging needs being met. Of course meeting different students’ needs is beneficial for their learning, but it can prove very time consuming for teachers! 🙂

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  2. I agree about the time consuming part and this is the reason why most teachers do not embrace it. Maybe the solution can be the collaboration of effort to save time and not re-invent the wheel. Also the OER may prove useful in sharing and thus reducing the time effort. But then, many have a positive attitude to sharing, but demonstrate opposite behavior pattern by not sharing.

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